I build things and sometimes I blog about it.

A fresh start

About two years ago, Twitter acquired blogging platform Posterous and overwhelmingly, I felt happy for the small team that I had the opportunity to visit just half a year earlier for their very first hack day. Fast-forward one year and Posterous shuts down, leaving me without a blog for (admittedly, quite) a while.

While I do have a gigantic zip file with my posts from Posterous, I think I am fine with leaving that part of my life offline. I did experiment with firing up a self-hosted Wordpress blog, but going through the process of configuring and using Wordpress reminded me why I had stopped using it in the first place.

Enter ghost!

While browsing Twitter one day, I discovered ghost and thought I'd try it out. It is a beautiful blogging platform built with node. One of the things I loved about Posterous was its simplicity, and ghost does not lack that. Posts are written in markdown and are wonderfully simple to format. I'd also like to give OpenShift a plug, as I am using them to host and they have an incredible product with a free tier; be sure to check them out if you are in need of a PaaS.

Here's to the future

I'm starting anew here and now that I am in control of the installation, I am hoping this is a more permanent hope for my ramblings.